What can you expect?

Grown up in the fascinating mountain world of Switzerland, nature means everything to me. Not at all surprising that gardening and hiking are one of my most favorite activities.

I grow numerous tropical plants in the middle of the harsh climate of Switzerland. Everything completely without heating systems and as environmentally friendly as possible! Might you already recognized that melons are one of my specialities. Since 2020, I have grown melons at an incredibly high quality, all of which are marketed directly to regional gourmet restaurants.

I would like to share special moments and my thoughts with other motivated people trough my webpage. I am inspired by the classic look of analog photography and moving away from what social media tells us a perfect trip into nature should look like. I love finding the small, imperfect moments, and capturing them just as they are on film.

My website is therefore not intended for financial gain, but to become a source of inspiration and information for nature-conscious people.